1801-01: Scrum@Scale Launchpad

Chris Sims · June 23, 2022


By the end of this course, learners should understand the foundational concepts and components of Scrum@Scale. They should be able to interpret these principles in their organizational context and devise a plan for implementing Scrum@Scale.

Problem Scenario:

You’re a Scrum Master in a mid-sized technology company that has successfully implemented Scrum in a few teams. To cope with the company’s growth, the leadership wants to scale Scrum across the organization using Scrum@Scale. As a Scrum Master, you need to delve into the foundations of Scrum@Scale and lead the implementation of this framework.

How do you understand and implement Scrum@Scale to suit the needs of your growing organization?


  1. Understand Scrum@Scale Foundations: Delve into the basic components of Scrum@Scale, including the Scrum Master Cycle, the Product Owner Cycle, and their intersecting components. Understand the principles that guide these elements and how they interact to create a scalable Scrum framework.
  2. Interpret Scrum@Scale in Your Context: Based on your understanding, interpret how Scrum@Scale can be applied in your organization’s context. Consider how different teams and roles might engage with the Scrum Master Cycle and Product Owner Cycle.
  3. Plan for Scrum@Scale Implementation: Create a roadmap for implementing Scrum@Scale in your organization. This includes strategies for training teams, adjusting roles, setting up the necessary Scrum@Scale cycles, and evaluating success.

Reflective Questions:

  1. What key principles of Scrum@Scale did you uncover, and how do they contribute to the scaling of Scrum?
  2. How did you interpret the application of Scrum@Scale in your organization?
  3. What challenges might arise in implementing Scrum@Scale, and how can you address them?
  4. How do you anticipate Scrum@Scale changing the Scrum practices within your organization?
  5. How would you communicate your Scrum@Scale implementation plan to the teams and stakeholders?
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